Facility Renovation and Restoration

431 West Berry Street
Fort Wayne, Indiana


Grinsfelder Associates Architects has had the honor of helping restore one of Fort Wayne’s finest historic facilities, the Scottish Rite Center. The project is a $5 million renovation to return the facility to its original grandeur, making it beautiful, accessible, and functional for public and commercial needs.


Built in 1926, this auditorium has a completely furnished working stage, dressing rooms, green room, and practice rooms on the lower level. The scope of the project includes a completely historically restored foyer outside the auditorium and a new marquee across the street with digitally controlled display. Within the auditorium, changes include new power, lighting, sound and dimmer systems. The front curtain, seats, and carpet were also replaced. The redesign includes catwalks and a new hydraulic orchestra pit.


With over twenty different restoration projects identified within the building, Grinsfelder Associates Architects completed work as funds became available.