5New Full-Service Veterinary Hospital

4550 Illinois Road
Fort Wayne, Indiana


This project was designed and constructed as a full-service facility including boarding and grooming areas as well as a technically advanced veterinary hospital. The practice centers on service, quality, durability, and efficiency. Particular attention was paid to the attractiveness of the decor and materials, as well as the construction and workmanship. Original artwork and Southwest collectable wall decorations were incorporated to compliment the interior. Durability and efficiency were addressed with the selection of materials that provided for maximum wear and cleaning with minimal upkeep.


The environmental systems effectively addressed the issues of odor and noise control. The building is divided into three separate zones and is heated with low-pressure, gas-fired boilers feeding air handlers centrally located on the second level. The cooling system also utilizes these air handler units. The HVAC system employs continuous high turnover air handlers with large outside air make-up to minimize odor and airborne diseases. The indoor kennel areas were designed to maintain the most sanitary kennel environment possible.