New Municipal Animal Control Shelter

1613 West Cherry Street
Bluffton, Indiana


This project consisted of the design of a new animal control facility for the city of Bluffton. The program design parameters presented a very challenging, tight budget. However, building efficiency and building systems were not to be compromised.


The site is located on the fringes of property zoned for agricultural and light industrial. It is directly linked to the nearby residential areas of the city. The 4,600 square foot facility is concrete block and wood frame construction. Two heating and cooling systems provide separate zones for animal and human areas. The human areas include an office breakroom/adoption interaction room, staff locker room, and laundry room. The animal areas include 20 indoor kennel runs, cat room, cat isolation, dangerous dog, puppy viewing area, adoption cat colony, animal drop off with night drop, a triage room, and outdoor activity area.


A central plan provided the most efficient flow of operation while facilitating a relatively small staff. The staff consists of a director and two full-time animal control officers.