New Municipal Animal Control Shelter

250 East Campus Boulevard
Danville, Indiana


The Hendricks County Animal Shelter is designed to meet the animal control shelter needs of the immediate town of Danville, Indiana, and its surrounding area. The design meets a mandate from the county commissioners to design an animal shelter facility that is cost effective, pragmatic, and compatible with the county fairground master plan. Advocates from local animal rights organizations also requested that the design of the shelter be sensitive to the humane treatment and disposition of the animal population it serves.


Using these parameters, a 7,000 square foot plan was developed. The floor plan expands on a central plan theme. However, a narrow building envelope imposes some limitations on a purely centralized plan. The main dog kennel area was designed to include thirty runs. An efficient channel flush design feature was incorporated into the floor slab system that provides a more sanitary cleaning process while reducing the effort required.


The site is located within the context of the original Hendricks County Fairgrounds. The shelter is located adjacent to the new work release detention center that has recently completed construction. The exterior finishes for the shelter have been selected for their compatibility with the work release center and any future buildings on the fairground campus.