Adaptive Reuse for a New Animal Shelter

521 Eclipse Place
South Bend, Indiana


This new animal control shelter is located approximately one half mile from the existing facility. It is positioned at the southwest corner of an existing wooded, municipal park area. The program has mandated that the new facility shall include an approximately 5,000 square foot existing building as part of the design. The kennel areas and all animal-related areas shall be incorporated as 4,300 square feet of new construction. The total area for the project is approximately 9,600 square feet.


Both the renovation of the existing facility and the new construction have been designed to provide a high level of energy efficiency.


The new shelter features single-story concrete and masonry wall construction that is covered with a new steep-pitched roof truss system. Design emphasis has been placed upon effective programming of spaces, efficient traffic flow, disease and odor control, air quality, acoustics, lighting, cleaning, and stress reduction for both the staff and animal population.