New Television Studio in Existing Building

1200 South Barr Street
Fort Wayne, Indiana


This project required the adaptive reuse of existing classroom space that was part of the Anthis Career Center Alternative Learning Facility, located at 1200 S. Barr, in downtown Fort Wayne. The Anthis Career Center occupies the former Fort Wayne Central High School building and was constructed during the 1920’s in the Beaux Arts Tradition.


The project included designing a new television studio space with a control room large enough to direct live productions, operate taping and editing equipment, and produce educational programming. The project also included an equipment room, a file storage room, and a small private office.


The design and construction of a TV studio operation within a vocational school setting posed some unique acoustical challenges. Sound transmission and acoustic reverberation were primary engineering and architectural design concerns. These concerns were met with a total systems approach to identifying and mollifying, blocking, or isolating unwanted sound.


The project included a new studio lighting package complete with a suspended grid system. The studio was furnished with a new stage curtain, tract, and cyclorama. New camera and broadcast equipment were furnished outside the contract.


The studio was designed to function primarily as a production space but also needed to be flexible enough to be used as an audio-visual training classroom. The project was completed on time and under budget.