Grinsfelder Associates Architects has been publishing custom Holiday Cards since 2010.  The first card included a hand-drawn rendering of our offices in West Central.  Each successive card has featured a building designed by Grinsfelder Associates, including the WFWA offices and studios, Afdent, and the Renaissance Pointe YMCA.


UDPATE:  This year’s card features the Saint Anne Home Sanctuary.  The new sanctuary was designed to seat 120 people in movable seating while also providing accessibility for wheelchair and gurney-confined residents.  The space features a combination of skylights, clerestory windows, and stained glass windows to create dramatic natural lighting effects.  A laminated wood beam forms a visual spine while eliminating the need for any columns in the sanctuary.  The altar, ambo, tabernacle table, and candleholders were designed specifically for this project by Grinsfelder Associates Architects, Inc.