New Humane Animal Shelter


Grinsfelder Associates Architects, Inc. is pleased to have begun work with the Kokomo Humane Society on a new animal shelter facility. Their existing facility suffers from poor planning; it is made up of several buildings, each housing its own piece of the program. This layout forces both staff and visitors to regularly cross through the outdoors to access all parts of the shelter. While this is certainly an annoyance, particularly during inclement weather, the greater concern is the difficulty in securing the facility. To help address security concerns, a chain link fence wraps the entire site. While the fence does improve security, it also makes the facility appear unwelcoming to the public.

To alleviate the challenges posed by the existing structure, the plans for the new building incorporate all shelter activities into one building. The building is zoned to separate the stray animal population from the adoptable animals. Moreover, separate building entrances are provided – one for those dropping animals off and one for people looking to adopt animals.

Housing all activities in one building also allows a much greater control of the path of possible disease throughout the facility. An enclosed garage, triage area, and animal isolation spaces further mitigate the spread of disease.

The Kokomo Humane Society is currently undertaking a fund-drive with hopes of raising as much as $2 million for their new facility. They hope to begin construction within the next year.